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Doris Apps 1911
Doris Apps c1911

Great Uncle
G,Grandfather c 1885

Member's grandmother
Sarah Ann Barker 1894

The Falcon Inn
The Falcon Inn, Felixstowe
The Falcon Inn now
The Falcon Inn today

Stocking Weaver
A Stocking Weaver

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We are a West Sussex group located in the centre of the seaside town of Bognor Regis.

The Laburnum Centre

 Our aim is to promote and encourage mutual help between people who have an interest in their family history

Whether your ancestors were Bognor born and bred, just passing through
or never came near the place you are assured of a warm and friendly welcome.

Bognor Regis, East Parade c1900Bognor Regis, East Parade in Rough Seas

Because Bognor Regis is a popular retirement area
our genealogical interests stretch far and wide,
mainly in the UK but frequently to other parts of the globe.

We have the necessary skills to access those records which cover
most researcher's circumstances.

If you are looking for an ancestor and are having difficulty in locating him
or have any other query pertaining to our family history group
please give us the details and we will do all we can to help.
Click HERE to access our email address.

Charlotte Iain 1818
Charlotte Iain 1818

Bohemian Dancers

Edward Iain 1818
Edward Iain 1818

Aunt Janet with her bike
Janet Berry c1908

Father in homemade car
Father's Homemade Car

Great Aunt  1916
Kathleen Patricia Tobin